Home Blogs and Articles Ever Wondered Why Pineapple Makes Your Mouth Sour? Here Is The Answer…

Bromelain is an enzyme primarily found in pineapples. This is the chief cause of all your sufferings. But don’t go on attacking Bromelain. It is really useful to us.

Why is Bromelain useful?
Bromelain has many benefits. For instance, it can prevent ageing, inflammation and it also helps in pain relief.

…it can help our body fight deadly diseases like cancer, digestive allergies, asthma, injury, sinus infection and joint pain.

Why does Bromelain cause this sourness?
When we eat pineapple, the bromelain enzyme comes into contact with the sensitive skin of our mouth; it causes protein breakdown; that is why we feel all the roughness and itching combined with the sourness.

How to prevent the sourness?
Ding dong! You can prevent this sourness by several ways. The first one is to grill the pineapple a bit to kill the enzyme in it.

Secondly, sprinkling some salt all over the pineapple before eating it also helps to reduce itchiness.

Cutting the fruit properly.
The third method is to cut the pineapple very carefully so that the core gets removed completely, and then eat it. Hope this helped!

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