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Oh, what a busy day…
Being a doctor, I have some responsibilities. So, I want to do your tests. In fact, I must do your tests. It’s all about how much you stay happy in your life.

See, what I wanted to tell you is…
Happiness is very important in our life. Happiness gives you energy and power to perform any work. Life is beautiful when you stay happy. For happiness, you need to laugh a lot.
Oh, why I am saying all these, you already know it.

But I have a serious concern.
Do you stay happy even when times are not in your favor? I guess, absolutely not!

No worries, 50-50 hospital is there for you!
Dr. Mashoor Gulati has solutions to your every problem. And don’t forget to visit my hospital whenever you need.

My hospital is offering free laughs and gags.

All you need to do is…
Catch me on The Kapil Sharma Show.

And watch me talking with the super stars.
Ah wait, do you regularly watch me?

Yes? No?
No? Hence proved, you don’t stay smiling the whole day. My testing is done. Now it’s time to leave, because I have to see my patients. They are waiting me.
So, just keep watching me, Kappu, Chandu, Lottery, Bumper Lottery and keep laughing.
Haste rahiye muskurate rahiye aur dekhte rahiye The Kapil Sharma Show and life will be full of joys.

Ah man, that was just a flop attempt to imitate you.
Sunil Grover, I salute you for making me laugh till my stomach hurts. Watching comedy was never so exciting. Keep showering laughs on us!

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