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The initial step:
To get your nails ready, you need to apply a clear base coat on them for protection. Doing this even helps the nail polish to adhere to your nails!

White polish:
To begin with, you need to coat your middle, index and ring fingers using a white polish!

Making the golden snitch:
To make the golden snitch, just apply a dot of nail glue wherever you want the snitch to go. Now, carefully place a golden nail stud on top of it. Leave it for a few minutes.
While it takes time to dry, grab your black striping to tool to make the two wings.

Making the lightning bolt:
Sketch the outline of the striking bolt using the striping tool. Whenever you are happy with it, darken it using the same striping tool.

Making the glasses:
To make the glasses, you need to use the dotting tool. Use the dotting tool to make two circles.
Make sure that you use black nail polish to do so. Now, make a small line between the two circles with the striping tool. And use the dotting tool again but this time with white nail polish and dot the middle of the two black circles.

Making the Deathly Hallows symbol:
To make the deathly hallows symbol, use a striping tool to make the triangle.
Draw a line through the center of the triangle. After doing so, draw two half circles around the line.

Making the pattern on the thumb and pinky finger:
To make the amazing Gryffindor pattern, you need to paint two coats of either yellow or golden nail polish. When the polish is completely dried, add three strips of striping tape on the nail.
Now, paint over the nail and tape it with a coat of ruby red polish!

Now, you’re all set to show off your new funky nail art!

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