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Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani turned into Tamasha
‘Kya ladki hai yaar,
baal silky silky gaal milky milky,
ye toh chalti phirti
Vanilla ice cream hai”
This is how Ranbir used to define Katrina back in 2009. It took no longer for them to fall for each other and give heart breaks to Deepika (Ranbir’s ex) and Salman (Katrina’s ex).

The Tera Hone Laga Hoon phase!
Yes, this was the phase that they’ll probably cherish for life. Ranbir and Katrina went for the vacation in Ibiza and if rumors are to be taken seriously, to Maldives as well. Although paparazzi made sure to be there capturing their private moments, they surely had a great time together.

The Rajneeti seeped in!
Down the line, things fall apart and we started hearing rumors about the couple who was supposed to get married breaking apart.
Everything aside, did Ranbir really burn Katrina’s pics?

Let’s start with the picture
Recently, Ranbir went a step further in taking out his frustration over his recent string of breakups and he chose a very creative way to do that.

”Phone utha aur gaali de”
Katrina blamed the ”non-commitment” issue as a reason behind their relationship fail and Ranbir says that they are still good to go together in ”professional career”.
But when it comes to commenting on the way breakups are to be dealt, this is what Ranbir has to advise anyone who has recently been through a breakup.
He made sure that his message remains an ”indirect” one and Amitabh Bhattacharya, the lyricist of The Breakup Song, did justice to his feelings while writing the song.

Shiela’s killer youth on Ranbir’s ”target!”
Look carefully at Katrina’s steps in the song and then try to create an analogy with the steps that Ranbir chose to do in his latest dance vid.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil?
Just look at the way Ranbir Kapoor danced out their breakup scenario. His expressions while imitating Katrina speaks volumes about how badly he wants to make his message around his latest ex, clear.

The Kaala Chashma signature step
”Wahi kahaani phir ek baar, majnu ne liye kapde faad, maar tamasha beech bazaar”
Ranbir must’ve had hundreds of other options to pull-off a great choreography but he went for these Katrina Kaif dance steps.
Was it intentional?

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