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I got my hair, I got a pineapple. Ah! pineapple hair.
Hair is becoming the best thing to play with. Inspired by various celebrities, teens nowadays, are adopting such crazy hairstyles. From bald to blonde everything is now in fashion!

The EDM attack
Where words fall, music speaks.
Every other Instagram profile of a youngster has a #edmlover mentioned in it. DJ’s are the new sensation? Maybe.

Snapchat filters
The uglier the Snapchat picture, the more popular you become.
Finding it difficult to become a good human being? Well, why not try to become a good dog then? Yes! the Snapchat dog filter and the Tiara filter are gaining all the popularity. Don’t be surprised if your feed is flooded with human cum animals.

Photoshop Pictures
Too much swag!
One of the hilarious trends among the youngsters is the Photoshop pictures. Who said you can’t meet celebrities? All you need is Photoshop software.

The Hashtag Trend
It’s pretty rare to find someone who doesn’t know what a hashtag is or who isn’t familiar with using it. Youngsters are in love with this new hashtag thing.

Photography Pages
Hey, you own a DSLR and don’t have a photography page! Will the society accept you? Well, I own a pair of badminton rackets does not mean I’ll become the next PV Sindhu. But this photography thing is conquering the minds of the youngsters.

From ‘orange is the new black’ to ‘winter is coming’, memes are getting popular day by day. In the dull life of the youngsters, these memes are actually helping them increase their blood cells.

The Game of Slangs
Because yes, slangs are slaying.
From ‘yasss’ to ‘goals’ to ‘bae’, youngsters are playing really well in the slang world. Abbreviating even a short word is what is the new cool stuff for them.

Bobble Wobble
And it is driving everyone crazy!
Bored from the same old emojis and stickers, youngsters found the bobble app to be more interesting and funny. This mind freaking technology is crossing all bars of humor.

iPhone Freaks
Left with just one kidney.
Be it an iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s or the new iPhone 7, 48% of the teens own them. iPhone has become the new bae in town.

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