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Apparently, Captain Colin Glover was immediately removed from flying duty after seeing his indecent photos taken inside the plane.

The pilot’s leg is sprawled upon the dashboard, while the plane is on autopilot mode!
If you notice carefully, the co-pilot’s seat is empty.

In this picture, he spreads his stoking clad legs over the joystick revealing his naked self!
Well, he surely deserves to be suspended.

A pornographic magazine!
A pornographic magazine was spread on the control panel and playing cards were scattered around the cockpit.

British Airways said,”We are taking these allegations extremely seriously.”
The serial number on the control panel suggest that pictures are taken in at least two separate British Airways plane.

Airline expert Chris Yates said, “This person is in danger of losing his aircraft and his job.”

Although he is suspended…
…He continues to deny that the pictures are of him.

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