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#1. You have to abide by the Queen’s household rules.
When in the palace, do as the queen says! Whatever the queen says has to be followed. For example, one has to stop eating after the queen has finished her meal. This can be even when one has not had even a bite. A tip for you, better practice eating fast, that too, without messing!

#2. You have to be unblemishedly groomed.
Let me tell you, being a princess is not your cup of tea if you take style with ease! You have to always look your best, and make all the possible efforts to do so. The efforts may include visiting the salon even three times a week. You should never be caught in a bad moment, remember!

#3. You have to forget that you had any nicknames anytime!
Get used to always being referred as “Her Royal Highness the Princess ____ of ____”.

#4. It’s unconstitutional for you to vote.
In England, it is believed that the royal family does not participate in the elections because they represent the country.

#5. You have to attend all the best schools and events to be the eligible one.
The chances to meet the prince at all these places increases. Prestigious institutions and high-end balls, galas, and charity events are the places expected of a princess to visit. Huh, no more a commoner!

#6. Being a princess is no less than a full-time job.
In short, you have to give up on any career that you pursued before becoming the princess.

#7. There is no contesting elections.
For obvious reasons, like those against voting, a princess should never run for the political office. The contestation may create a political divide.

#8. You have to be philanthropic.
The queen is the epitome of care for the entire country. She is expected to indulge in charitable events and open charitable institutions. She is looked upon as bringing betterment in the society.

#9. You have to learn as many languages as possible.
This is to help the princess communicate with diplomats of different countries.

#10. There is no playing Monopoly now!
Yes, you read that right! Monopoly was discontinued by Prince Andrew, Duke of York, in 2008, due to the vicious nature that the game acquires.

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