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The activities of the NGO are a blessing to the lives of kids.
From providing education to kids in orphanages to paying a visit to old age homes and providing them with basic facilities to conducting medical camps and creating awareness about social issues Ayuda is giving back a lot to the society.

You can be the source of someone’s happiness.
And let me tell you, it is a very satisfying and uplifting feeling. Try it once, it will make not only their day but your’s as well!

Project Gyan
This project aims to equip every kid with the basic knowledge that will help them grow. From knowing the basic English conversations to being able to communicate well, Project Gyan is a great help for the kids. Also, they have a plan to include some of the basics of computer science in future.

You do not have to be a social activist to serve the society.
Even you can beautify this place, in your shoes as well.

Ayuda works on donations from fellow students and organisations.
A volunteer teaching kids on a weekend.

Ayuda is an epitome of this great thought.
The youth of the country, which constitutes about 65% of the population of the country has immense potential to make a markable change in the society.

Kindness costs nothing.
Ayuda thinks that even if one takes out a day from every week or month and for the country, for which our forefathers have shed their blood, India will grow by leaps and bounds. Also, the difference made will be worth it.

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Ayuda has undertaken various projects. Some of them are Project Audio Vision (providing audio tapes of school curriculum for blind students), Light It Up (to increase awareness about hunger), Organ Donation Petition Signing by VITians (in collaboration with CMC Hospital), Project Nirman (to increase infrastructural awareness) and many more.

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