Home Blogs and Articles Badarpur Power Plant Banned Due To Excess Pollution In Delhi

The amount of pollutants has reached dangerous levels in Delhi.
Arvind Kejriwal suggested the list of measures to be undertaken by the government for reducing pollution in Delhi.

Delhi CM had an emergency cabinet meeting today on Sunday.
Thereafter, he announced a ban on construction activity for the next five days and shutting down the city’s Badarpur power plant for the next ten days.

Schools will also be closed for the next 3 days.
Kejriwal explained, “Except for emergency services, generator sets will not allowed to function for next 10 days. Sprinkling of water will start on all roads from tomorrow. Weekly vacuum cleaning of roads will begin from November 10.”

Kejriwal suggested the citizens of Delhi to stay at home as much as possible.
Delhi CM also announced a complete ban on burning of leaves. The Environment department will be soon launching an app to monitor the burning of leaves in the city.

Arvind Kejriwal also responded to the questions of reporters in the press conference.
Delhi CM replied to a question on crop burning, “We are not pointing fingers at anyone. We need to sit down and come out with a solution.”

The issue of artificial rain was also discussed at the cabinet meeting.
Kejriwal stated, “Crop-burning will continue and so can’t expect relief soon.”

The CM referred to Delhi as a toxic chamber on Saturday.
Kejriwal explained, “Pollution levels in Delhi are so high that Delhi has become a gas chamber. Smoke from other states because of stubble burning and meteorological factors is responsible.”

Delhi CM met Union Minister of Environment Anil Madhav Dave on Saturday.
Kejriwal continued, “The environment minister should call an emergency meeting of the chief ministers of Delhi and its neighboring states on Monday so that immediate steps to tackle the issue can be taken… This situation needs the intervention of the Centre at the highest level. Farmers should be given incentives to find alternates to burning stubble.”

Emergency meetings
Dave conducted an emergency meeting of all the neighboring states chief ministers and environment ministers on November 6, 2016.The meeting was conducted to discuss the possible solutions for a never-ending problem of pollution in Delhi.

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