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Ever wondered what wonders can a simple ball pen create?
A ball pen can create an art beyond imagination if it is in right hands.

Meet Helena Hauss.
Give her a ball pen, and she will create beauty with it. I would recommend blue; it’s her favorite. You might be wondering, how can something in blue be interesting?

Wow! Amazing isn’t it?
All in blue, ‘The Fight’! As if it’s happening in real. A piece of art so lifelike.

‘Midnight Lust’ portrayed in the shades of blue and red.
A masterpiece created by 27-year-old, Helena Hauss, a Parisian illustrator. Drawing is her passion, and she spends most of her days doing it.

Drawing large pictures lets her go into details.
The ‘Sleeping Beauty’. I know what came into your mind, but it’s admirable how she portrayed it. Taking eyes off it is difficult.

She has a big attraction for blue.
Just look at the way the detailings are done in the hair. The eyes seem real staring back at you. They tell the whole story.

Candy and chocolate lovers are going to get a craving after seeing this.
It’s hard to believe that simple ball pens can achieve such level of perfection. Simplicity at its best!

Patience combined with hours of hard work resulted in an awe-inspiring piece of art.
Immediately catches your attention even though it’s incomplete. No doubt it requires commitment, patience and a lot of hard work to create such a beauty.

‘Artista’ nailing it with blue.
The ball pen is Helena’s magic wand. Pure magic it is. She may soon get a letter from ‘Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’.

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