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Arrange in odd numbers
Odd numbers on the plate make things look interesting and create a profound visual effect.

Change the plate
One of the interesting ways of spicing up your decorative game is by changing the plate itself. Try the new kind of dishes especially if you are cooking some gourmet dish.

More effect with less quantity
Though the kind of plating you are using differs from one occasion to another, but it is better to use smaller plates especially for a day-to-day use.

Height matters
Add height to the food you are plating. This is a way that visually attracts the onlooker and thus increases the appealing nature of the dish.

In tune with nature
Passion and thought inspire the techniques of plating. One of the biggest sources of inspiration is from nature itself that reflects things like changing season, shades of darkness and shadows and much more. They not only make your dish look gorgeous but also evoke emotion.

Contrasting use of color
Taste is the primary condition for food but the impeccable desire to savor that food comes from what we see visually. Make sure you mix the colors tactfully that makes an amazing visual impact.

Generous garnish
Make sure you give a hint of the key ingredient of the dish through its garnishing. That builds up the anticipation for your guest.

Clean it up
Wipe away the extra ingredients from the plate. Dab it off to get the perfect look.

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