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So what happened really?
Ranbir has been very close to the Bachchan family since a long time.

This was 18 years ago.
Ranbir and Ash are close since a very long time.

The little girl thought Ranbir was her father.
At that time, Aaradhya was very small. Ranbir would be visiting their house a lot and Aaradhya mistook him as her dad.

Ash and Ranbir were together for a photo shoot project.
On that particular day, Ranbir had worn this jacket and a cap that was similar to something Abhishek had. Aaradhya saw him walking through the door and immediately hugged him.

So, now you know what went wrong?
It was a silly mistake.

She’s all grown-up now.
Her mom, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan sometimes makes fun of her and both of them laugh it off.

Abhishek also doesn’t mind a bit of fun.
AB is a chilled out guy and he takes this episode very lightly. Well, after all, she was small and anybody could’ve made that mistake.

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