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Life doesn’t always go as planned and it’s ok.
Ian aspired to be in military services but was rejected and had to settle for a job in one of the MNCs. Robert was keen to work for the top advertising firm but never got an interview call. Both the guys realised that life doesn’t go as planned and you cannot help but accept it.

Parents were right!
Their parents always advised them to study in order to learn and not just to clear exams. They never paid heed but realised that their parents were right after they were rejected in many interviews for not being able to explain the theorems well.

Rejection isn’t the end of the world.
The initial rejections irked them but gradually they realised that it isn’t the end of the world and that they will have to strive harder for what they want to achieve.

Taking care of both mental as well as physical health is important.
The junk food and late nights soon got replaced with healthy eating habits and exercises when their body gave in to the examination and placement pressure and they had to be hospitalized twice in six months. They understood the importance of a healthy lifestyle and are now fit as a fiddle.

Learn to fight your own battles.
The guys always hid behind their parents when it came to apologizing or explaining something they found themselves trapped in. But there was no dad or mom in college and office to support them or settle down ugly situations. The boys learned to fight their own battles eventually.

Honestly isn’t always the best policy; diplomacy is the key to success.
Being blunt and in the face doesn’t put you in a good light in the diplomatic adult world. Ian and Robert soon understood that they would have to take the path of diplomacy if they wanted to survive.

Money doesn’t come easily; spend wisely.
Fortunate enough to have most of their wishes fulfilled by their parents, Ian and Robert were living in a world of their own where money seemed to have been growing out of a spiralling plant. When they started earning for themselves, reality set in and their bank accounts went blank even before the current month could give way to the next. They learned to spend wisely and understood the importance of money.

Taking decisions is tough.
What earlier seemed like a cake walk, now put them on a slippery road full of potholes whenever they found themselves in a situation where they had to take a decision. One careless or wrong step and you go down slipping in a pothole…

Being independent can be grueling.
Ian and Robert, like every other teenager craved for independence and wanted to grow up soon. However, when they actually got to stand on their own, life seemed so unfair and arduous that all they want now is to go back to their carefree childhood.

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