Home Blogs and Articles 8 Smart Ways To Use Spoiled Milk

1. Bake anything and everything!
Sour milk is just perfect for baking pancakes, bread, scones and anything you want to. The other baking ingredients will cover up the unpleasant smell of the spoiled milk, and it will not be wasted.

2. Dinner so creamy!
For thickening the soup, add sour milk to it. Adding the splash of sour milk to soup or stew will cover up any gross taste.

3. Tenderise a steak.
Lactic acid present in the milk is perfect for tenderising meat and if meat isn’t your thing, soak dried grains like barley and berries in the sour milk.

4. Make some cheese…
Sour milk can be used to make homemade cottage cheese which can be used for many purposes.

5. Make Your face glow.
Lactic acid makes the skin soft and smooth. Massage your skin with sour milk and rinse if off with water.

6. Take a Skin-Boosting bath.
Not just face, it works well with skin too. To cover up the smell, add the drops of your favourite oil.

7. Make your plants grow strong.
Calcium is good for plants growth. Just mix sour milk and water and pour it in flower pots and garden beds.

8. Make a salad!
Strain off the curd from the sour milk and use the cream for dressing. Make sure you do this only with raw, unpasteurized milk. If the pasteurised milk gets lumpy, toss it.

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