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1) Joining a gym might not save you, going to the doctors will.
Precaution is always better than cure, because it always prevents you from discomfort, becoming sick, and saves a lot of money.
You don’t go for a medical checkup every year because you believe you’re doing completely okay without any pills. But, neglecting your health and check up might cost you mountains of bills shortly for something that could’ve been stopped by using a simple precaution.
You can afford to drop the idea of a gym, and start exercising at home, but there’s nothing like DIY Dentistry or hacks to do heart surgery at home.
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2) In the trend of fashion, there’s no guarantee of replacement.
Do you remember that important note below your shopping bills? Well, it’s there for all the right reasons. We buy low-quality, inexpensive and trendy clothes only to keep up with the latest fashion trends. But buying these fashionable clothes and becoming a trendy person wouldn’t always suit your budget as fashion changes with time.
Put time into caring for your old clothes that you can wear for a long time; their dry cleaning would cost you less than the huge amount that you spent on purchasing the new ones.
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3) Own your commute.
For all the years when I was working in a metro city, spending thousands of money monthly only for my commuting didn’t hurt me, not for a single second. But when I decided to get my bike, I can’t tell you how stupid it looked to me for spending that amount only for the commute.
I was now riding my bike proudly; it was fun and healthy. I saved hundreds of money by doing this, and guess what? I was always dependent on public transport to go somewhere.
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4) Don’t always buy drinks, sometimes prefer a play.
I’m not saying that you should cut down your budget on social life. Science defines that man is a social animal, and that’s entirely accurate. If you don’t drink or meet your friends at the parties, then you’ll miss them, and that would make you crazy in the long run.
All you can do to save some money on the drinks sometimes to enjoy plays and movies in the theatre.

5) Shop at the local markets!
Grocery stores are always going to charge you high, and I know that produce markets haven’t got a good rep as well. But, there are still some markets in the city that will offer you low priced things.
Takeout would always cost you more than the produce market. Trust me.

6) It’s always a better idea to buy your own booze.
First of all, deciding not to drink at all would put a great positive impact on your financial situation, but that isn’t going to happen anyway. I fail, you fail. But, there’s always a way around to do things. Now, you won’t deny that you go to a bar for one booze, and end up having two or even three sometimes. But, have you ever tried BYO restaurants for that matter?
Buying your alcohol in the bar is costly anytime of the day, but purchasing it from the wine shop and then hanging out with your friends for booze at BYO restaurants can become better and money-saving idea for you.
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7) Ban on shopping has never worked, at least not on me.
And the reason I’ve always failed to stop myself from going for the shopping is not that I’m weak in taking some harsh decisions, but it’s just that some things you just need. You’ll have to shop for them.
While shopping, make a list of the things you need and then remove items which you don’t need at this moment. Arrange the items as per their urgent requirement and then again try to remove the least significant items. Also, don’t add anything extra to that list while shopping.

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