Home Blogs and Articles 8 Best Job Interview Tips That Will Land You That Dream Job

1. Do Your Research
Probably one of the most important things you can do is research the company before you even step foot through the door. I don’t just mean look at the front of their webpage, I mean do some digging, learn some of their company values, when they started, how many employees they had or how many awards they have won. Any decent company will be impressed if you can show knowledge to this extent and nine times out of 10 you will get asked what you know about the company and you need to make sure you can tell them more than how impressed you were with their car parking facilities.

2. Be Prepared
Don’t be afraid to take notes with you to the interview. The interviewer won’t be upset that you are taking paperwork in with you, it will just show you are organised and have taken the time to be prepared. If you aren’t sure where the office or venue is then taking a visit to the area the day before will be really helpful. Plan your route, time how long it takes to get there. You want as little pressure as possible on the day and doing little steps like this can really help.

3. Be Presentable
Make an effort with how you dress. This is your chance to put yourself across to your potential new employer, not just your work ethic but how you physically present yourself. If you make an effort with how you dress, this will show your employer that you are likely to apply the same level of pride in your work as well.

4. Keep Eye Contact
When you first meet your interviewer try to keep eye contact and give a nice firm handshake. This will display confidence even if you feel like being sick in your mouth with the nerves. A limp wrist and no eye contact are not only a little rude but also gives off the impression you would rather still be in bed wrapped up in a duvet cocoon trying to reach the TV remote with your toes.

5. Turn Your Phone Off
Better to leave it at home. If you can’t go an hour or two without checking up on the Kardashians latest plans for brunch on Twitter or snapchatting double chin selfies then, (A) there’s probably something wrong with you, and (B) you don’t deserve a job with the company who have given up their valuable time to interview you. A ringing mobile during an interview is a sure-fire way to fail quicker than Snoop Dogg in a drug test.

6. Don’t Bad mouth Your Previous or Current Employers
Telling your interviewer you are there because you can’t stand your boss as he ‘makes you do stuff’ probably isn’t the best way to put yourself across as a good employee. All you are showing is that you are unloyal and can’t really be trusted.

7. Be Armed With Lots of Question
During the interview, you can try and take mental notes of any questions that you may have. There will understandably a lot going on in that little noggin of yours though so write some questions down and take them in with you. Don’t ask questions such as, when do I get paid or how many days holiday do I have. Now because I’m an all round top guy, I’ll let you have these questions for free
– Can you please tell me about the training process?
– Will there be an opportunity for overtime?
– Are there many opportunities to progress within the role?
– Do you have any immediate concerns about me?
This one is a great question to ask as you can allay any fears they may have there and then and may put you above other applicants if they end up umming and ahhing over the two of you.

8. Know Your Weaknesses
Ah, the old ‘what are your biggest weaknesses’ question. Real tough one this but fear not, if you are prepared for it, you can defuse this bomb as soon as it’s chucked in the mix. Try and give a weakness that also makes you look good. Another golden tip from me would be to say something like ‘I can sometimes find it hard to delegate’ or ‘I am occasionally too much of a perfectionist’ I really should start charging for these pearls of wisdom!

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