Home Blogs and Articles 7 New Ways To Rekindle Your Love For Coffee

1. Indonesian Coffee
It is made by mixing ground coffee with sugar and then putting it in boiling water. The mixture is stirred well and then leave to set for exactly 5 minutes. Drink when it cools down a bit.
Key point: Do not hard boil the water as it will make the coffee taste flat.

2. South Indian Filter Coffee
There is a special two-stacked device used to make this coffee. The top half is filled with water and grounded coffee. Then you use the plunger to collect the concentrated coffee at the down chamber. Transfer the concentrated coffee and then add boiling milk. Add sugar to taste. Pour between two glasses or pans to get the delicious forth.
Key Note: Longer plunging process gives tastier coffee.

3. Ethiopian Coffee
There is actually an entire ceremony dedicated to drinking coffee. Here, the green coffee beans are roasted and ground. Add water to the bean and boil. Use a filter while putting the coffee in the cup and serve after adding sugar.
Key Note: For getting a unique flavor, sugar is also replaced by salt or butter.

4. Scandinavian Egg Coffee
This coffee is not bitter or strong but has a very interesting flavor. Ground coffee and egg (including the shell) are mixed properly using few spoons of cold water. Boil water in another pan and add the coffee mixture. Simmer for 5 minutes and add a cup of cold water. Filter and serve.
Key Note: The cold water at the end will make the egg shells to settle down.

5. Brazilian Coffee
Sugar and water are mixed well then boil in a pan. Mix ground coffee after removing the pan from heat. Filter the mixer with a cloth and enjoy!
Key Note: It is a strong coffee that is extremely sweet.

6. Turkish Coffee
Dusted coffee often flavored ones are boiled with water and sugar. Boil in medium heat, as soon as starts to boil stir, let settle for 5 seconds, and then boil. Repeat the process four to five times. Serve and enjoy!
Key Note: The taste of the coffee lies in the boiling and cooling process.

7. Malaysian Coffee
There is a special cloth in which the coffee is brewed. First, the beans are roasted in butter and then sugar. Then it is mixed with hot water and kept for 5 minutes for brewing. Filter the coffee and drink. Add evaporated milk to enhance the taste.
Key Note: The butter and sugar roast give the coffee an unusual burned caramel flavor.

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