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1. Drink A Glass Of Water
Drinking helps us by flushing out the harmful toxins. Also, it gives the feeling of being full during meals.

2. Utilize Your Lunch Break
Take some time off from your lunch break and have a quick walk. It will help in enhancing the metabolism of your body and keep you active.

3. Small Portion Of Food
Serve your food on smaller plates. It makes your brain think that there is more food on the plate and thus you can cut down on your excess food.

4. Don’t Shop When Hungry
Shopping when hungry makes you buy more food consisting unhealthy and unwanted items.

5. Breakfast Is Must
This should be the heaviest meal of your day and also fulfil. Missing breakfast always creates a negative impact.

6. Keep A Count Of Calories
There are apps and wearables that can help you in keeping the count of calories you intake. This helps you in eating sensibly.

7. Include Green Tea
Green tea has distinctive advantages that help in making a healthy you. Slowly replace few servings of normal tea with this one.

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