Home Blogs and Articles 7 Dishes Of Nachos To Impress Your Guests In A Tasty Way

1. Cowboy Nachos
Mix chili with beans and heat properly. Arrange the chips on a platter and top with chili, generously sprinkle cheese. Separately, mix sour cream, ripe olive, onions, and tomatoes. Mix with beans and cook properly. Then spread it above the nachos and enjoy!

2. Nacho with Corn
Spread nachos in a baking plate. Layer with corn, tomatoes, olive, and cheese. Repeat with layers of nachos and other items. Cover finally with cheese and broil till the cheese melts. Serve with sour cream and enjoy!

3. Potato Nachos
Mix wedges, oil and taco seasoning, then toss oil so that each of the potato slices is covered properly. Put on the baking sheet and bake till crisp. Cook ground chicken with salt and salsa. Arrange the nachos on a plate, put the chicken mix and then the potatoes. Top with some more meat mixture and enjoy the amazing taste.

4. Nacho Casserole
Crush corn chips, black olive, cherry tomatoes, meat, and salsa in a bowl. Cover entirely with cheese and bake. Spread over a plate of nacho and see the meaning of deliciousness come alive!

5. Chicken Nachos
Cook chicken breast with chili powder and taco seasoning. Then add hot sauce, water, tomato sauce in a pan and boil. Shred the chicken and mix in the liquid. Cook till it is thick and then make a layer on nachos. Pour molten cheese and get lost in the world of deliciousness!

6. Veggie Nachos
Especially for the vegetable lovers, it takes hardly 10 minutes to prepare the dish. Mix chopped onions, beans, salsa, cheese, and nachos. Heat it for a while until the cheese melts. Dig in the mouthwatering delicacy.

7. Tuk Tuk Nachos
Toss chicken in hot spicy sauce and keep aside. Mix pineapple and cheese with the chicken. Arrange nachos, put the mixture and then cheese. Repeat the layering and end with cheese. Bake till the cheese melts. Drizzle hot sauce and serve the spicy happiness!

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