Home Blogs and Articles 5 Common Things 100% Of The Narcissists Do

1. They refuse to take up any responsibility.
For a narcissistic person, it is NEVER their fault. It is ALWAYS your fault. If they did something wrong, it’s not their fault. It’s your fault because you got hurt. For them, it could also be your fault because you have feelings.

They will never take the blame upon themselves.
If you catch them doing something wrong red-handed, they’d probably deflect by saying they ‘had to’ do it because of something or someone. If you try to explain that they did wrong, they would come out of it by lying or making excuses.

2. They always lie.
The more you hang out with a narcissist, the more you’ll know that they lie. They can lie to manipulate you, to influence you, or simply lie out of habit. They will never consider telling the truth because honesty is only a word for them.

They’ll only tell the truth when it doesn’t cost them.
The only time a narcissist will tell the truth is when the truth doesn’t cost them to do anything. They don’t consider telling the truth important, and the truth is often molded in their eyes.

3. They will look down on you.
The only way narcissists make themselves feel bigger is by putting the other person down. Making people feel small is their way of rising. No one ever will prove to be worthy or any good to a narcissist. If you have any different opinions, you are directly considered to be ‘wrong.’

4. They are two-faced.
Narcissists literally have two faces, a stage face and a real face. Not one is like the other. For someone who doesn’t know a narcissist well, will think they are the kindest person they have ever met. Narcissists use this quality in order to be charming and gain favors from people.

Their real face is entirely different.
Somebody who knows a narcissist for a long time will know how much of a toxic, frustrating and annoying person a narcissist really is. The mere mention of their name can make some people uneasy.

5. They are vindictive.
Narcissists have an obsessive desire to make anyone ‘pay’ who crosses their way. If you talk about honesty or fairness, you become their enemy. There are no lengths or boundaries that can stop a narcissist to punish you if you do so much as say a word against them.

They will make you ‘pay’.
Narcissists have no lengths of time through which they will keep hating you. The intensity of the hatred and the desire to get even will never wear off and you become their ultimate enemy even if you did the right thing.

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