Home Blogs and Articles 7 Beautiful Beaches That Welcome LGBT Community With Open Arms

1. Saba
This island located in the Caribbean is the only place where LGBT people can marry as here the same-sex marriage is legal. Besides an abundance of beauty, it also offers the visitors with a range of adventure sports.

2. St. Marteen
Here the couples can relax in the beautiful private villas while looking at the mesmerizing beach. This is a place where there is total harmony between LGBT and straight.

3. St. Barts
This island is shrouded by its special French culture and invites the travelers to do the same. It is coined as being the most homosexual-friendly beach in the entire Caribbean.

4. Curacao
The motto on which this island operates is to let travelers go and explore nothing else but the beauty. Alongside, it is the most accepting beach for the same-sex travelers.

5. St. Croix
This place, located in Virgin Islands, USA, has a little bit of everything that the same-sex travelers desires. Also, singles from LGBT community often find pleasurable companions for their trips.

6. San Juan
This Puerto Rico Island offers the same-sex travelers with the liberty to enjoy their love without a single string of worrying attached. It is protected by strong anti-discriminatory laws that is applicable to all who visits the place.

7. Vieques
This natural wonderland is also located in Puerto Rico. It has a very vibrant vibe which never fails to amaze the travelers. Of course, not to forget that it creates a comfortable heaven for the LGBT travelers.

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