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1. Not a morning person.
Devoleena says that she is not a morning person. She only wakes up in the morning because she loves acting and for that, she can do anything. But, when it comes to health she never wakes up in the morning.

2. What brought her in the industry?
Devoleena was unknown to the fact that there is actually a lot of money in acting. She came in the industry because she used to see Smriti Irani and somehow she fell in love with the field of acting.

3. Image of Gopi walks everywhere with her.
She says that people in real life also think that she is actually Gopi because whenever she goes out people asks her that how do you look so young even when you are married and have two kids. Then Devoleena has to clarify that she is not at all married, it’s Gopi who is married.

4. Gopi was a thief!
Don’t worry it’s not true. This was actually a rumor that was raised by X-Gopi Giaa Manek’s fans after Devoleena replaced Giaa in the show. But actually it was a track in her old serial Preeto in which she was accused of being a thief and then also sent to jail.

5. A habit that she is proud of.
Devoleena is a fun loving and easy to go girl. She is a very childish and she loves this about herself. She says that whenever people asks her to grow up she always says that she doesn’t want to grow up.

6. Devoleena’s first audition
Devoleena is basically from Assam and she was in Delhi when she got a call for an audition. She recorded her audition in her phone and send it via mobile phone.

So this is how we got Gopi Bahu in our life.
Hope you find all the facts about Devoleena Bhattacharjee quite interesting.

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