Home Blogs and Articles 6 Dogs Who Went Through Cruelty

1. Iggy From Mexico
Iggy had a terrible eye infection, and he was so close to dying. Once his photo was posted on Facebook, people immediately gave donations to have Iggy taken to the United States to receive the proper treatment.

2. Dog With Too Much Fur and Mud
Before, this two-year-old dog couldn’t even move because of the amount of fur and mud she had. Thankfully, all two pounds of fur and mud were removed once she was rescued.

3. Miss Midna The Dog
Reddit user CowtheHankDog adopted this dog who was very thin. Eventually, she gained weight and looks healthier than ever.

4. Dog Who Ate Rocks and Wood
This dog almost died since he only had stones and twigs to chew on. He didn’t have any actual food, so it was a great thing that a woman finally rescued him and gave him a new life.

5. Puppy Who Almost Melted To Death
This puppy was ignored when it fell into a hot tar pit. A person finally noticed the puppy and rescued him. Cleaning him took three hours, but it was worth it.

6. Dog Who Had Skin Disease
This poor dog had a skin disease called mange, and people intentionally avoided him. When the dog was rescued, he underwent two months of supervision so he could be better.

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