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The cases of child molestation have reportedly been found increasing.
The crimes against women have been on a peek throughout the recent years.

A five-year-old girl got molested by a 54-year-old priest in Brazil.
She was repeatedly abused by the priest.

Parents came to know about the incidence when…
They observed the change in the girl’s behavior. The daughter seemed dull and little off to her parents.

They took the girl to a child psychologist.
To look into the matter, the girl’s parent visited a psychologist who suggested them to check her room for clues.

When they investigated, they found drawings.
Yes, the parents found sketches in the girl’s cupboard that illustrated the sufferings of girl and the abuse she endured.

The sketch clearly showed the way priest molested her.
How shameful can a person be! Disgusting.

Father Joao da Silva admitted to the whole attack.
Decorative Scales of Justice
After being confronted with girl’s parents, he accepted his crime. Well, he is in custody being questioned over allegations.

Such people should highly be punished.
The sensitive matter can never be left untouched. Respect women!

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