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Who is Bradley Lowery?
He is a resident of Blackhall Colliery near Hartlepool who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at the age of two on the 7th of Jan, 2013. Although he successfully beat cancer, it relapsed unexpectedly in July 2016.
His well-wishers are busy raising funds in order to have his good health back again.

What about Neuroblastoma?
The tumour he developed was large enough to put pressure on his major organs and arteries. It saw a spreading through his lungs, lymph nodes, bone and bone marrow.
This all happened when cancer struck him for the first time and having the relapse rate of a saddening 80 percent, it came back.
Neuroblastoma is a cancer type that mostly affects infants and young children. It develops from neuroblasts that get left behind from child’s development period while still in the womb affecting the adrenaline glands above the kidney.

Sunderland vs Chelsea
Although Sunderland lost the match 0-1 against Chelsea, they won hearts with their new teammate Bradley. The whole stadium rose to salute and pay their respect towards the little braveheart when he led the Black Cats out of the tunnel.

The cutest mascot
Bradley took up the invite from the North East Club to be their mascot wholeheartedly and appeared on a Wednesday night.
This is how the lucky fans decided to surprise him…

”There’s only one Bradley Lowery”
This was the song that the audience sang out of excitement to applaud the 5-year-old kid after the match reached its 5-minute-mark. Even the scoreboard in the stadium glew with Bradley’s name over it.

Bradley and his funny unique poses
He entertained everyone with his energetic appearance and the way he gelled up with both the Sunderland and the Chelsea players.
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He gets some quick advice here
A lot is that we can learn from this kid and one of that is the way he listens to everyone and his way of tackling the obstacles that are larger than life.

What about his goal?
Yes, he took the penalty and kept the ball low, hitting to Asmir Begovic’s left while the Chelsea goalkeeper dives the wrong side.

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