Home Blogs and Articles 5 reasons you should get hooked on to Downtown Abby!

Ever got hooked on to a show which you couldn’t get your eyes off for days? Ever finished an entire series in one go, not giving a care in the world whether it’s night or day! Downtown Abbey may just be the next show you should be hooking onto already!

  1. It’s visually appealing! From flowey Victorian gowns and bow ties to the typical British haughty accent of the actors, this show gives the perfect glimpse into the lives of the people of the early 20th century.                                             
  2. Its history! All the history geeks, yeah you heard it right! If you’re one of those who lurk through their Sunday and at night feel bad about wasting time, this show is perfect for you. It talks some sense into you by keeping a check on your historical facts. A perfect blend of knowledge and entertainment at the same time!
  3. It’s walk through time and circumstances beginning from the sinking of Titanic to the WW and gradual socialist movements and their reactions in a capitalist and industrializing world.                                                          
  4. Absolutely charming characters! Thomas Barrow played by Rob James Collier is my personal favourite. You will instantly fall in love with his impeccable acting and flawless looks. Not to mention his gay charming looks.    
  5. The characters are relatable to anyone and everyone watching and posses the kind of sentiments and feelings that an onlooker can relate to.                                                                                                                                                       
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