Home Blogs and Articles 16 International Destinations For The Broke, Young, And Adventurous Travellers

#1 Varna, Bulgaria.
Soft sands and ancient sights, Varna is one of the most attractive and affordable cosmopolitan towns on the Black Sea Coast which features a port city, naval base, and a seaside resort.

#2 Marrakech, Morocco.
The imperial city which means “Land of God” is the perfect place to visit between the months of October and May because everything is a lot cheaper and the delicious foods are affordable for everyone.

#3 Auckland, New Zealand.
Arrive as a tourist, live like a local and leave as a friend. Auckland is the place where flights are expensive, but the food and accommodations are rather affordable.

#4 Machu Picchu, Peru.
The Incan ruins are breathtaking and magnificent. Both the Inca trail and a trip to the Peruvian coast will fit perfectly into your budget.

#5 Madrid, Spain.
No doubt Europe is expensive, but Spain is quite affordable. September, October, April, and May are the best months to enjoy the Spanish delights.

#6 Medellin, Colombia.
Colombia is infamous for its drug trafficking and drug lords, but it’s slowly and steadily improving its reputation for being a dangerous place. Cities like Medellin, Cali, and Bogota are beautiful, and tourists just love them.

#7 Hanoi, Vietnam.
Get the most out of your money and experience this budget friendly country. Late December is the best time to enjoy Vietnam’s beauty and with the Vietnam visa on arrival program it might be very easy for you to stay longer.

#8 Angkor Wat, Cambodia.
The place is quite affordable, but the flights aren’t so budget-friendly. But it’ll be worth it when you visit its largest religious monument, the Buddhist temple.

#9 Bangkok, Thailand.
One of the most affordable destinations across the world, not only its accommodations but flights too are inexpensive.

#10 Arizona, USA.
Forests, deserts, hiking and camping, Arizona has it all. There’s something for everyone in this beautiful state, and it’s budget-friendly since the rates have gone down. Just one problem, June to August is super hot, so try to avoid.

#11 Crete, Greece.
Beautiful and inexpensive, Greece is amongst the top visited countries in the world. If you’d like to save some money, visit Crete rather than the famous Santorini.

#12 Bali, Indonesia.
A favorite amongst the younger crowd due to its cheap accommodation and foods, Bali is a coffee lover’s delight as the nearby island of Java produces coffee in abundance. The best time to visit is in April, May, September, and October.

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