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Admire and appreciate each other
It does not take much effort to compliment each other and appreciate your partner for something that deserves a little applause.

Give surprises
There is hardly anyone who doesn’t like surprises, provided they are pleasant in nature. So, put in some efforts to give them something to cherish for and make some occasions all the more special.

Don’t take each other for granted
Taking each other for granted is something you should refrain from by all means. Ignoring your loved one is the worst you can do and there is nothing that can make up for this mindless act.

Don’t hold grudges
Mortals make mistakes but they don’t need to be criticized for it and scorned forever. Holding grudges or keeping a score for your partner’s mistakes is simply going to worsen the situation. Learn to forgive and forget!

Make them feel special
Irrespective of how long you have been in a relationship, never stop showing your beloved how much they mean to you. Make your loved one feel special by indulging in some PDAs, complimenting them in public, doing something that they like or simply by placing a little peck on their forehead. Osho says, “Be a loving person rather than in a love relationship.”

Be supportive and encouraging
Your partner doesn’t need anyone else to support him/her but you. It is your emotional support and encouraging words that will work wonders on them and embolden them to go on in life.

Offer solutions without being critical
It is human to feel depressed sometimes for something you have done. In such times, it is wise to not criticize them and instead give them some solutions that can make things or situations better.

Respect each other’s family and friends
You need to understand that your loved one has had some people in his/her life before you stepped in. Everyone has some friends and a family that are a part of their life and will always continue to do so.
Don’t expect your partner to forget them or distance them for you. Instead, respect them and you will get the same in return.

Maintain good hygiene
Don’t stop taking care of yourself after you enter a relationship thinking that you don’t need to impress anyone anymore. A good hygienic personality goes a long way in keeping relationships working for long.

Communication is the key
Talk things out; communicate and bridge the gap. Silence kills a relationship!

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