Home Blogs and Articles 15 Incredible Glimpses From National Geographic Photo Contest

1. Shrine of the Holy Relics
The glaciers are diminishing due to global warming. The ceiling of the glacier became limpid and the picture was clicked beautifully capturing the colorful combinations created by sun rays in the cave!

2. Animal face-off
The battle between 4 lions and 16 hyenas began when the hyenas got attracted by the smell of blood of the kudu, the lions were feasting upon! The shot is taken cleverly capturing the expressions of the fighters and the dusty surrounding created by them.

3. Many rivers to cross
Male kingfisher gifting the present to the female kingfisher.

4. Hazy twilight!
The breathtaking view in Xingping, Yangshuo in the dawn after raining for the whole night! This picture is captured amazingly showcasing the misty and cloudy atmosphere around.

5. Rain rain go away!
These Cheetah cubs do not seem to relish the sudden afternoon downpour. They are running close together, trying to be dry and also making up with mommy.

6. Resting in the waters!
This snap was taken last summer on Skomer Island, Wales. It is renowned for its wildlife, the puffin colony is one of the largest in U.K. The photographer took this intimate shot of the puffin resting in the rain because puffins do not get scared of humans. It portrays the perfect composition with rain and light!

7. Glen le FÈerique
This picture is shot in Scotland. The photographer must have waited long to get this snap. The sign on left down corner is a Celtic spiral. It represents travel from the inner life to the higher spirit form.

8. The millisecond thing!
The graying bear chasing the salmon for his feast and salmon trying to slip away and escape from the predator.

9. Dash speedily
The flock of snow geese flying in the snowy morning! The picture beautifully portrays the snow shedding from their wings while flying. Their flight is loud enough to sound like a passing train!

10. Erupting Mt. Bromo
The shot taken elegantly of Mt. Bromo when the rays fall on it in the morning showing the intense smoke rising from the eruption!

11. Look at me and time will fly away!
This shot of baby humming bird is captured within a minute period! When you are thinking to gaze at the beautiful creature, it fly away and you are in the thoughts of its beauty.

12. Finding the gist of life in the mist
A herd of frosty buffaloes heading towards the fog produced by the Yellowstone geothermal activity.

13. Refreshing dive!
Northern gannets, the largest sea birds in the North Atlantic. They hunt by diving into the sea. They can dive from the height of 30 meters with the speed of 80 km/hour. This picture is depicting the speed and cleverness of the bird clearly!

14. Drowning under the waves
Waves of fog are rolling over neighbourhood of Mill Valley, California. the shot covers the the foggy breeze over the valley.

15. Stars making a heartfelt landscape
This picture is taken near Chamonix glacier. It is absolutely breath-taking, showing the glowing camp, just like a firefly and the twinkling stars above. I would even love to die at this beautiful place!

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