Home Blogs and Articles 15 Hot Celebs Who Are Living With STD, #13 Is A Shocker

1. Magic Johnson
20 years ago he discovered that he had HIV-positive. But, with medications his disease is now under control.

2. Britney Spears
She caught Herpes from the days when she was well known for her rave lifestyle.

3. Lindsay Lohan
Her wild lifestyle caused her to get Herpes.

4. Jessica Alba
Her romantic summer affair in 2004 with Derek Jetter came at the cost of Herpes.

5. Scarlett Johanesen
She was another Derek Jetter victim who dated him in December 2004. Seriously, Jessica, there was plenty of time to warn your acting colleague.

6. Jessica Biel
Poor J, another victim to Derek Jetter.

7. Mariah Carey
Blame Derek Jetter, his list of sins seems never-ending. Mariah was one of his very first victims.

8. Derek Jetter
Yes ladies, he is the monster.

9. Tommy Lee
He is infected with Hepatitis C.

10. Pamela Anderson
Pamela got the gift of Hepatitis C from Tommy Lee.

11. Kim Kardashian
Cold sores, is a form of Herpes, the reality star got this disease as a result of her Shenanigans.

12. Paris Hilton
Genital herpes found a way to this girl as well.

13. Brad Pitt
This might put an end to all your fantasies when you come to know that this Hollywood heartthrob has herpes. Well, ouch!

14. David Beckham
The star is seen as a $ex-symbol around the world and he reportedly has been carrying genital herpes all this while.

15. Victoria Beckham
The power couple probably shares the misery of irritating sores. Even the sexiest of people can’t save themselves from the evil of STD.
It’s better to spread and share the awareness so that even if we idolize them, we mustn’t blindly follow their ways of living. Having too much fun comes with a cost. Safety first, ladies and gents, be sure to use and visit STDAware’s testing centers regularly.

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