Home Blogs and Articles 10 Beautiful DIY Christmas Decorations To Give Your Home A Makeover

Glittered Christmas Light Bulbs
Unused old Light Bulbs, some glue and lots of glitter to add to your Christmas Tree!
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Beautiful Stairway Decor
The stairway you used to slide upon as a child can turn into a magical haven with these Christmas branches. Decorate with toys to give an amazing feel.

Mirror mirror on the wall!
Add life to a boring object such as a mirror and decorate it with beautiful garland lights.

Snowy vases
Wine culture too strong at your place? Make use of empty wine bottles as beautiful snowy vases by painting them white and sprinkling some coarse salt over it.

Cinnamon stick tree ornaments
Who would have thought this amazing spice readily available at home can be used for decorations? Doesn’t these miniature trees look cute? Items needed: Cinnamon sticks, spruce twigs, buttons and string.

Cookie Box Candleholders
Received too many goodies last year on Christmas? Use them this year as stands for holding Candles and hanging them as lovely decorations.

Magical Lamps
This has got to be the best idea. Insert a string of lights into empty bottles to get these amazing looking magical lamps!

Colourful Christmas Balls
Make every inch of your house full of decor with these beautiful colourful balls. Don’t forget the windows!

Creative stars
Tie a bunch of straws with a zip and make beautiful hangings for trees with this creative decor.

Snowman fridge
Bring snowman right inside your home by giving a face to your fridge!

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