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Los Angeles, California
Home to Disneyland, Universal Studios and Hollywood, Los Angeles is much loved by tourists who want to have some fun and entertainment but think twice before settling down in the city with small kids. High crime rates in some parts of the city and expensive living make this place a non-lucrative option for families with young kids. To add to it is the pollution that has caused the air quality to detriment over the years.

Jackson, Mississippi
A poorly rated education system, high crime rate, and lagging economy are reasons enough to stay away from this city.

Las Vegas, Nevada
Well, this does not come as a surprise as the Sin City is famous for being an adult destination with loads of casinos and strip-tease shows to entertain the older lot. However, our little friends won’t find it a very attractive place and would be turned away from most places. If that’s not enough, the crime rates in and around the city are a detrimental factor. To make it sound more convincing, employment opportunities outside of the hospitality sector are limited.

Detroit, Michigan
Though the city has some good infrastructure and lucrative employment opportunities, young parents may want to avoid this city for its high crime rate, poor education rankings, and unattractive housing options.

New York, New York
The love for Big Apple cannot be debated upon but parents with young kids may want to steer clear of this happening place for the high cost of living it traps you in, besides providing limited opportunities to go out and enjoy some time in nature.

Orlando, Florida
This may come as a shock to many, provided Orlando is home to the popular theme park attractions like Disneyworld! However, you may want to reconsider making Orlando your home as the city is high in crime rates and not all houses are insured for health.

Miami, Florida
Another hot and happening place for adults after Las Vegas, Miami is not a very kid-friendly destination. With limited activities for families and a high cost of living, the beach city is a dud for families with young children.

Washington, DC
No prizes for guessing this one! Here comes the capital of the most powerful economy in the world that unfortunately could not escape this list of worst places in America to raise kids. The cost of living is prohibitive for most people and the city – though rich in history – fails to provide for good entertainment facilities for kids.

Oakland, California
Bay cities like San Francisco and Oakland cannot be considered an ideal place for raising kids from a young age as they are too expensive and high in crime.

Boston, Massachusetts
Though not a complete spoilsport, Boston shouldn’t be in your preferred list of cities if you are thinking of moving in with your little ones. The city is bustling with traffic and there is hardly any place to breathe. Kids will not be able to enjoy a carefree time except if you take them out to nearby suburbs for a breather.

Phoenix, Arizona
Too much of anything is not good, even if it is the good old sunshine. Kids find it hard to play outside in the scorching sun in summers while the city looks quite undesirable owing to its high crime rates and poor ratings in education.

Chicago, Illinois
Similar to many big cities in the American sub-continent, Chicago has an outrageous cost of living and high crime rates that make it unsuitable for new parents to settle down.

Baltimore, Maryland
Situated close to Washington, Baltimore has a dearth of kids’ activities and demands a daunting crime rate. To add to it is the expensive living that does not allow it to be a strong pick for new parents.

Memphis, Tennessee
Young parents should give this city a pass for its high crime rate and ever-rising unemployment besides featuring low on school ratings.

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