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Tying the knot is not easy for some couples.

1. The Wedding Blackening in Scotland.
Scottish wedding tradition includes treating bride and groom in a weird way just before the wedding. Orcadians in Scotland perform the ‘Blackening’ pre-wedding ritual in which they both are ambushed and blackened with a messy blend of treacle and flour by their friends. Not only this, they are placed on the back of a truck and paraded around their place. People make as much as noise possible by shouting, beating sticks, whistling, drumming, etc. As said, the reason behind this is to make them prepare for every adverse situation in married life.

Isn’t it weird?

Friends of bride and groom enjoying the Blackening.

2. Avoiding toilet in Indonesia.
The newlywed couple of Tidong community is not allowed to use toilets for three days and night allowing them very less food and drink. The practice is called honeymoon house arrest. This ritual is practiced believing they will have healthy babies ahead.

3. Log cutting as a German wedding custom.
An old wedding custom in Germany makes the newly wed couple to cut the log together with a saw. The reason behind making them do like this is that they have to be with each other the entire life solving the problems together.

4. Kidnapping the bride in Romania.
Bride-napping is Romania’s one of the most colorful customs. On the wedding party, mock kidnapping of the bride is performed. The groom has to pay a ransom after the kidnapping. It makes the celebration more joyful.

A bride is excited to be a part of mock kidnapping in Romania.
This tradition may sound very weird but it still exits.

A Romanian bride celebrates on the car.

5. Spitting on the bride is a tradition in Kenya.
old man man spitting water
In the Maasai community of Kenya, during the wedding, bride’s father spits on her head and breasts as the symbol of blessing before she leaves with the groom.

6. Polterabend in Germany.
Polterabend is a wedding custom in Germany in which the guests break the porcelains in the night before the ceremony. They believe that this will bring luck to the couple.

7. Shoe stealing in India.
Bride’s sisters trick the groom to steal his shoes. The groom is asked to pay a heavy amount of money for the safe return. The custom is thoroughly enjoyed.

8. Tearful wedding ritual in China.
The tradition of crying in wedding is seen among Tujia people of China. The mourning ritual also varies according to the place in the country. As per the custom, a month before the wedding ceremony, the bride begins to cry and after ten days of her crying, her mother and grandmother join her and they all cry together. Later, the rest of the family members accompany them. During the cry, they utter some words as ‘crying song’. Earlier, there was a custom that her mother would beat the bride for not crying.

This is the matrimonial custom that must be followed by every bride in China.

9. Shooting the bride.
In China, the groom has to shoot the bride with three bows and arrows (with no arrowheads). After shooting, the groom collects the arrows and break them with a promise that his immense love towards her will stay forever.

10. Beating the groom’s feet in Korea.
Bride’s male relatives hang the groom upside down and beat his feet with fish and sticks on the first wedding night. This is performed to make the groom stronger. Not only this, the guys ask many random riddles and puzzles to the groom that he has to answer anyway.

11. Charivari in France.
Charivari is also called ”rough music.” This means making loud noise on the wedding night. The neighbors gather around newlywed’s house to bang the loud noises to disturb them. The wedding night is considered the most sacred event of the marriage ceremony.

People make noises as much as they can.

12. There’s a custom of eating in the toilet bowl after the wedding ceremony in France.
After the ceremony, the bridal side collects the leftovers in a toilet bowl and the new couple has to consume them. The people do not leave the couple until they eat the trash.

13. No smiling in Congo.
Bride and groom are not allowed to smile during the entire ceremony.

14. White bride in Japan.
Traditional Japanese wedding custom includes pure white painting of bride from head to toe. This describes her virginity and purity.

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