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1. Black Knight Satellite
For some reason, a creepy dark object was seen floating around the planet. Some say that it has existed in orbit for at least 13,000 years. The image was captured during a space shuttle mission back in 1998.

2. Unknown Candy Man Victim
Between 1970 and 1973, a man named Dean Corll was known to have raped and killed at least 28 boys. He was also identified as the Candy Man.
In 2012, authorities discovered a photo of a boy that terrified them because this child was not included in the list of known victims.

3. Strange Lights
The seemingly weird things people see above are usually caused by natural phenomena. What made this certain set of red lights alarming is the fact that they were seen moving out of the water and floating above before vanishing.

4. White Lady
Way back in 1975, something strange happened at the Worstead Church in Norfolk. Diane Berthelot was praying inside the church alone, but a photo captured by Peter Berthelot revealed a creepy figure. According to a vicar, it was a white lady who was once a healer.

5. Babushka Lady
The FBI called this woman the Babushka Lady. She was supposedly filming the whole assassination incident of John F. Kennedy. Sadly, the FBI was unable to find her.

6. Elisa Lam
I am personally terrified of this story. In 2013, Elisa Lam died, but nobody exactly knows why. All we know is that she was entering and exiting the elevator again and again. Her body was found in a water tank located on the rooftop of Hotel Cecil.

7. Death Of Mary Reeser
In 1951, a murder scene baffled everyone in Florida. For some reason, only her left foot was left after her body was burned. What was creepy was the fact that remaining areas of the room didn’t have any signs of fire at all.

8. Our Lady Of Zeitoun
For two years starting in 1968, people were able to see apparitions of Our Lady of Zeitoun. Police thought that it was initially a woman about to jump to her death, but nobody was found on the roof.

9. Battle Of Los Angeles
Apparently, an unknown enemy attacked from above in February 1942. A lot of UFO believers think that it’s proof of an extraterrestrial attack.

10. Phoenix Lights
Several bright lights were seen hovering on Phoenix in Arizona on March 13, 1997. The U.S. Air Force noted them as flares used for training, but the lights were once again seen in 2007 and in 2008.

11. Freddy Jackson
Freddy Jackson was a good man who was accidentally hit by an airplane propeller and eventually died. After two days, a group photo of his crew showed a ghastly face that resembled him. It was so creepy because the photo was captured on the day of Freddy Jackson’s funeral.

12. Mary And The UFO
This gorgeous artwork depicting Mary shouldn’t be creepy, but it is. If you look at the background, you would see a weird flying object that doesn’t look like a religious symbol. And if you stare at it closely, you’ll see a man and a dog looking at the huge flying object.

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