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While you are busy walking on the street, or when you’re in a place that looks very interesting to you, there’s a tendency that your thoughts get afloat while your mind becomes too intrigued by the details you may observe around. At some point, these details transform into bits of frustrations because you have started to expect a better organization from whatever you witness. Before you even realize it, your obsessive-compulsive self is activated. More specifically, you’re starting to develop a WTF-ed mind.Whatever the matter is, you see things with your own perspective. Here I am talking about the things that create an illusion. You will have to look at twice to get actually what they are!Take a look at the pictures here.

1. People say that this erected structure is made of Lego pieces.

But have you seen that very minute irregularity up there? Ugh. That’s freakily disgusting! That space could ruin the structure anytime.

2. Normally, cats at night or at the dark exhibit shining eyes.
But look at that? Why so they have different colors? I thought their eyes shine only yellow? But why are there greens illuminating around? Annoying.

3. This is one of the most disturbing dad-daughter interactions I’ve seen.
Oh come on baby, is there a water shortage at the park? Please tell your dad to use the comfort room. Kidding. It really looks so wrong!

4. Dead on the spot!
Well, who would survive from being axed in the head? Rest in peace, sexy lady.

5. All bowls are closed with lids!
Except one. Again, except one! Please close this for me.

6.A+ for the effort in twisting the hand.


7. This cartoon is so proud of his very long package.


8. Maximum fluoride flavored hotdog sandwich!


9. Middle feet finger!


10. Ultimately annoying loaf bread.


11. When you see it…
You’re gonna turn off the television screen, I bet.

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