Home Blogs and Articles 11 Celebrities Who Actually Go By Their Middle Name

Ashton Kutcher
This handsome dude started off as a young model and ditched ‘Christopher’ to become ‘Ashton’. The name rocks anyway!

Brad Pitt
This heartthrob’s name was William, but he sure stole a million hearts with his famous name ‘Brad Pitt’. Aww!

Brody Jenner
Actually born as Sam, he has always gone by the name Brody!

Bruce Willis
Not sure why this guy went from ‘Walter’ to ‘Bruce’ but we cannot deny the fact that he’s one famous guy and it sure wasn’t a bad choice after all!

Dakota Fanning
Had you any idea her name was actually Hannah?

“You can call me Drake” (Call me on my cell phone) The Hotline Bling rapper gave up “Aubrey” to be known as “Drake”

Elle Fanning
This runs in the family I guess! She is the little sister of Dakota and she too uses her middle name.

Faith Hill
Now Faith’s real name is actually ‘Audrey Faith Perry’. She was an adopted child, and so her parents gave her the name ‘Faith’. Aww, that’s really beautiful!

Garth Brooks
Garth shares his real name with his dad!

Jason Sudeikis
This guy simply prefers his middle name over his first name. Okay Jason, that’s a valid point!

Jude Law
This hottie chose ‘Jude’ over ‘David’, and we have no idea why? Probably the Beatles famous song “Hey Jude” had something to do with it.

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