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Ballerina Orchid
Found across the island of Australia, these terrestrial spider orchids are cream and maroon in color and resemble a white tutu draped maiden holding a ballet pose. One look at it and you will want to take them home.

Bleeding Heart
Oh nature, I bow down to thee….These flowers that look just out of a dream sequence are found in Korea, Japan, northern China, and Siberia. Bright fuchsia in color, these flowers are shaped like hearts with a tiny droplet at their bottom to resemble a bleeding heart.

Dove Orchid
Oozing serenity, this white flower seems like it has been carved to resemble a complete dove with its dotted wings and a yellow beak sitting in the center. Also known as the Holy Ghost Orchid, these flowers are grown in South America, Trinidad, Panama, and Costa Rica.

Duck Orchid
You cannot help but marvel at this unusual and immensely pretty flower that has taken the form of a duck naturally. Such precise is the structure that it feels someone has glued a man-made duck figurine on the plant. These orchids are mainly found in Australia and are breathtakingly beautiful.

Hooker’s Lips
You might want to look at this particular flower twice to believe that it is, in fact, a flower. Shaped in the form of luscious red lips with a perfect pout and cupid’s bow, this is the waxy bract – modified leaves – while the actual flower grows from its center. They are found in the tropical rainforests of Central and Southern Africa.

Swaddled Babies
Mother Nature found a way to show its motherly affection through this flower called the Swaddled Babies. At a certain stage during the process of blooming, the flower starts to look like a tiny baby wrapped in a soft swaddling cloth. This plant grows in the Columbian Andes and has waxy, creamy-white flowers.

Snapdragon and its Skull
Closely resembling the head of a dragon, this unusual flower is also known as “Dragon Flower”. It gives the effect of a dragon closing and opening its mouth when squeezed. When dried, the flower leaves behind a seedpod that looks exactly like the skull of a dragon. It is also known to possess certain negative supernatural powers and is not recommended to be planted in the gardens at home. Alternatively, when the plant is consumed, it is said to restore youth and beauty.
That is sorcery in my language!

Monkey Orchid
Orchids are simply stunning and mysterious at the same time. Sometimes they take the form of a dove while at other times, they love to camouflage as an animal. Monkey orchid is one such type of orchid that has the form of a monkey’s/baboon’s face. These cute flowers are found in the cloud forests of south-eastern parts of Ecuador and Peru.

Naked Man Orchid
These dual toned orchids are a combination of white and bright pink that look like naked men. They grow in clusters and are found abundantly in the Mediterranean region.

Parrot Flower
This is a rare species that belongs to the balsam family and is found in Burma, Thailand and parts of India. Drenched in carmine red and purple shades, a side look at this flower gives an impression of a flying parrot.

Lady’s Slipper Orchid
One of the most unusual flowers in the UK, the Lady’s Slipper flower is on the verge of extinction and hence is now protected by austere wildlife protection laws. Such is its value that a special agent was assigned to safeguard it at the annual Chelsea Flower Show.
The yellow petal resembles a little shoe or clog and hence the name. The yellow and purple variant of this flower is now been grown in a hidden spot somewhere in North England but the location has been kept under covers to safeguard it.

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