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10. We’re nothing.
es! The word ‘nothing’ defines our existence better than anything. The largest known stars in the universe are VY Canis Majoris; it is 5 billion times greater than the size of our sun. There are trillions of stars in our galaxy only, and there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe.
If you compare our existence with stars in the galaxies, we’re literally negligible. No matter how civilized we get, how great things we achieve in this limited time, we’ve come from Shunya (Zero), and we’ll perish into it.
Are we alone in this universe, or there are many different species in a different solar system? Either thought is terrifying.

9. Rogue planets.
The lonely planets. These are the one’s who’re lost in time and live forever without orbiting any other planet. They’re just heading with a giant speed in the direction of the planets which are chemically similar to them. A high collision is their destiny. It is entirely possible that there might be one planet that is heading towards us to collide.
Could this happen? Well, it already has, about 4.5 million years ago.

8. Asteroid that missed the earth.
During a busy day of our life in August 2016, scientists around the world confirmed something shocking that could’ve turned Earth into ashes. Yes! It was an announcement that can scare you to death. The Asteroid big enough to destroy an entire nation had nearly missed the earth by less than a quarter of the distance to the moon.
Metaphorically, it wasn’t any asteroid that missed Earth, it was our extinction which got postponed.

7. The misconception of vaccuum.
People believed that there’s no sound in the universe, it’s a Vaccum that surrounds it. But, it is not true. Every planet has some vibrations. Scientists over the years have developed a recorder that converts the vibrations into sound, and what I heard in the video that you’d see below, is scarier than anything else.
While some planets have soothing sounds, there are also some planets like Saturn that sound like a haunted place in the universe. Horrifying!

6. Cold spot in the Universe.
The biggest object ever found in the universe is ‘Supervoid’ that’s 1.8 bn light-years wide. So far, it has become a largest single structure ever found by humanity. Supervoid isn’t empty, but it has 20% less matter than other regions.

5. We live in a multiverse.
Our ancient used to believe that the heaven revolves around the earth and the humankind. But this opinions has changed drastically over the years. We not only learned about our planet, but we also discovered that many planets surround us, and we’re a tiny part of some bigger plans.
The term multiverse denotes that there’s nothing special on Earth as there may be some other planets in this huge universe where life exists, and they might defy our laws. Life on other planets could be entirely different biologically, and it might be possible that life there’s paranormal.

4. Supernova.
“There’s only one thing permanent in our life, Death. And we’re all heading towards it.”
When a star reaches to end of its life, it explodes. It’s a destiny of every star to explode someday; even our sun is burning high all these hundreds of millions of years to blast naturally. It not only emits an enormous amount of energy and light in the galaxy, but it consumes every planet that surrounds it. Earth is not far from the sun. Isn’t this scares you?

3. The Dark Flow.
The stars in the skies and their eternal dance has fascinated humans for thousands of years, giving birth to God, religions, and myths and finally to science. As now there are uncertain movements recorded in the galaxy, and if this could get verified, then it’d be first hard evidence that there’s an edge to this universe.

2. Puncture in spacetime, Black Hole.
After the supernova, when a star dies, what is left of its core is called as Black Hole. It looks like a Shunya (Zero), which signifies nothingness. It’s nothing but the most extreme level of gravity. Any star, light, planet which falls inside it, disappears forever. If Earth ever falls into the black hole, then it’ll be the most ultimate destination for humankind, without any hope of coming back again after the extinction.

1. Philosophy and speculations.
It’s clear that what we know is not much. We’re living in a time that expands so much farther than the time of you and mine. The real question is, we will be able to figure out everything about this universe before something miraculous destroys Earth, or we’ll become part of a beautiful act that used to exist in-universe.
In the night time today, look up into the sky and allow yourself to look a little farther. Do not feel small, insignificant, or helpless. Instead, thank your very existence for allowing your consciousness to feel such an extraordinary mysteries. Combine the knowledge that you have about this universe with your beliefs to see how depth you can achieve in your mind. We’re made up of the same matter as galaxies.
That’s all, folks!

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