Home Blogs and Articles 10 Terrible Dating Mistakes Almost Every Girl Does On Her First Date

1: Don’t ask too many questions.
You don’t want to scare him away with your passive aggressive coaxing.

2: Don’t argue too much about anything.
It’s good to put up your point so that he knows it well that you are self-assured

3: Lose the attitude.
Flaunt your qualities in a way that doesn’t come out as you being big headed. It doesn’t appeal guys in any way.

4: Be positive.
Your previous relationships have not worked out for you but stop trying to find your ex in every guy you are dating.

5: Premature sex.
Don’t be too quick with getting in between the sheets with your guy. Don’t have sex with anyone unless he is your boyfriend.

6: Don’t obsess over him.
Please, don’t do that. Guys do not enjoy the company of a girl who holds onto every word they are speaking.

7: Touch me not.
Don’t get touchy with him. You might be doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. Give him some personal space.

8: Being clingy is not an attractive trait.
Do you want to be with him 24 by 7? Call him for longer than that? Congratulations! You have entered the I-am-officially-a-clingy-person zone.
Please exit this zone sooner rather than later for maximum success.

9: Do not zone out.
Listen to him, be attentive and make him feel important. Don’t think about the ice-cream waiting for you in the refrigerator.

10: Daydreaming.
Stop thinking the future kids you are going to have with him or whether you are going to live in the suburbs or the penthouse. Cut it, now.

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