Home Blogs and Articles 10 Intimate Things You Should Do With Your Partner At Least Once

1. Take a shower together.
Taking a shower with your partner will be like getting to know their body all over again. The curves and the little places where it tickles. It could be a very different feeling from having sex and it could end up being an amazing experience for both the partners.

2. Involve food in the bedroom.
Use aphrodisiac foods or simply some chocolate syrup to make things more exciting in the bedroom. You might want to keep some towels or napkins handy in case things get dirty.

3. Watch porn with your partner.
It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. There’s no better way to spice up your sex life than to watch professionals do it? You could get new ideas, and it would get your fantasies running in no time.

4. Go for a romantic getaway.
Preferably to a beach, and get a tan with your partner. The romantic waves along with some pina colada will melt away all the stress and renew your confidence in the relationship.

5. Give your partner a massage.
Nothing says sexy than some aromatherapy candles and a massage. If your partner has been having a tiring time at work, you could ease the tension by giving them a soothing massage. You could also share a glass of wine along with it.

6. Cook a meal together.
Cooking together requires cooperation and communication and then you can both enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you want to take things to the next level, try to indulge in some naked cooking.

7. Shop for lingerie with him.
You can definitely get some ‘kinky’ in your relationship by going to purchase some lingerie with your partner. All that sexy lace and thongs can seriously bring back the sensual feelings in your relationship.

8. Indulge in role-playing or kinky sex.
You don’t have to take it to the level of bondage or BDSM, just some simple blindfold or fake handcuffs will do for starters.

9. Plan camping together.
Throw away all your gadgets and cell phones and simply spend some time with your partner in the woods. Bring some hot chocolate and some cozy blankets to keep warm and cuddle through the night while looking at the stars.

10. Book a hotel room for the night.
Don’t you love being pampered with some room service or breakfast in bed? Since you are too busy to take a full-fledged vacation with your partner, you could take a weekend trip to a small resort nearby or simply book a night in a hotel room and surprise your partner. It could be to celebrate a birthday or an anniversary and your partner will appreciate the gesture.

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