Home Blogs and Articles 10 Famous Places In India Exactly Like Foreign Destinations

1. Mashobra: Desi frozen France
This picturesque town in Himachal Pradesh would only remind of France covered in snow which is an absolute delight for the ones dying to make snow fairies! There’s not much to do in this beautiful hill station except for lurking around, enjoying the local Pahadi grub and camping.
The town won’t fail to mesmerize you even for a second.

2. Solang Valley: Squaw Valley in California
Solang Valley in Manali is as famous as the Squaw Valley for all the adventure sports that happens there. There’s always something or the other that keeps you going in Solang Valley any time of the year. So, for all the crazy summer and winter activities, here’s where you need to go.
Sounds pretty cool, eh?

3. Dharamshala: The Tibetan replica
Did you know, Dharamshala is filled with Tibetan people? It is one of the most beautiful and calm places to chill at. The best time to visit this place is during the month of Feb during the Losar Festival which is a celebration of New Year for the Tibetan.
Trust me, the trip would be worth it!

4. Sattal: Lake District, England.
What’s common between the two? The lake of course!
Sattal is surrounded by absolute beauty all around. It’s incomparable to any other place than England for obvious reasons.

5. Varkala: The Mini Hawaii
Look who’s missing on all the Hawaii fun in India! Yes, YOU!
If you thought only Goa was the shizz, you’re totally missing out on something amazing.
A beach where you chill, listen to innocuous trance where the beaches are cleaner and will give you all the right feels of Hawaii!

6. Pahalgam: Scotland
Big blue skies and the green lonely landscapes with spectacular surroundings, Pahalgam is the perfect Scotland-ish getaway you’ll ever find in India.
P.S- This is right where you can have your perfect filmy romance, under budget!

7. Lansdowne: Switzerland
The snow clad mountains and trees all around, you’ll have to pinch yourself to realize that you’re in Lansdowne and not Switzerland.
The two are like first cousins you see, the only difference is you’d be in India. That’s that.

8. Narkanda: India’s New Zealand
The beauty that you’ll witness from this counterpart of New Zealand is something you wouldn’t want to miss from Hatu Peak, which is the highest point of Narkanda.
A beautiful place to find peace and serenity at the same time!

9. Ranikhet: Antelope Valley
You don’t have to spend a lot or deal with any sort of time boundation travelling to Los Angeles, because Ranikhet has it all to offer you with the same, without breaking your bank!

10. Igatpuri: Our Very Own Ireland
This beauty lies amidst captivating sceneries, majestic valleys and untouched lakes for people to have an extraordinary experience. That’s exactly where the similarity lies!
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