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1. You have locked your car keys in your car and the locksmith is taking too long.

2. A close family member has met with an accident and you need to go check on their health.
You can not concentrate on anything unless you go and see if they are okay.

3. Your pet is miserably ill and you need to take it to the vet.
Sick dog  sideways on white background
If your boss is a pet lover, you have definitely made a right excuse and he is convinced.

4. Your spouse is too sick to get out of bed and you have to be around them to take care.
It’s always easy to make someone emotionally weak and then to have them convinced on any damn things you say.

5. If you are a woman, you can certainly show your ‘female problem’ card and it will probably work.
The best excuse you can give to your male boss ever! I’m sure he will never have the guts to ask you to be precise.

6. Your child’s teacher has called to demand an immediate meeting.
PTM (Parent-Teacher Meeting) time you know!

7. Your cousin or best friend had a bad breakup with her bf/gf and you have to help her overcome with that miserable feeling.
The damsel in distress needs me to be around her to support and console her. How can I avoid my sister/best friend??

8. You need to go for blood donation.
Ouch! It hurts but it will hurt your boss harder when you will ask for a leave. LOL! And s/he won’t say NO to this noble cause.

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