Home Blogs and Articles 10 Bizarre Customs Of Ancient Olympic Games

1. Sacrificing animals
Sacrificing animals to God has been a common ritual for many. Even now this is practiced by many people. Before the Olympics began, athletes used to visit the temples and put a slice of boar flesh before the statue of Zeus and promised to abide by the rules and regulations of the game and play it fairly. It was highlighted when 100 bulls were slaughtered by the priests and their thighs were burned and sacrificed to God.

2. Consuming sheep testicles to enhance their performance
Bear Grylls was not wrong. The people of Greece believed that eating more and more testicles could make them manly. However other than testicles athletes also consumed live bees, rose petals and donkey hooves as an intake of nutrition.

3. Athletes competing nude
I still wonder why the Greeks believed in hanging it all loose. The Greeks believed that competing nude was a matter of pride and courage and that not everyone was brave enough to attempt it. The funny part is they still wanted to look good so they lathered themselves with olive oil and marched around showing off their body.

4. The decorative tip
The athletes were totally naked, except the tip of their penis. They used to tie a thong around their waist which was connected to their penis like a tiny bow like structure just to give it a decorative look. This custom was performed because the Greeks regarded the foreskin as a very important part of their body. They used to flaunt their long foreskins as an epitome of manliness.

5. Mass Prostitution
Now I understand where the Game Of Thrones took inspiration from. Mass Prostitution was a gala event for the athletes as well as the common people. Women here used to earn more in just one stroke than they did in an entire year. To tempt the people they worked like weavers and when the people walked down the streets they were tempted by the lust of women wearing least possible clothes on their body.

6. Pankration
The ancient WWE, the major difference being, martial arts with no rules and regulations. Two men would exchange blows with each other. There were no bondations regarding fighting style or fighting tools. Other than bites, eye gouges and genitials they were allowed to hit anywhere they want.

7. Chariot racing
These were not simple chariot races. It included massive killing. 40 chariots came together on the track and when they turned, their wheels would clash with the other chariots. This was way too deadly as after the race only one chariot would stand tall. Not only the athletes but the audience in the front row were also affected as the uncontrolled chariots would crush them. The rich class however used to hire people thus not risking their life in danger.

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